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Welcome to My Good Side Media

Updated: Aug 30

How it started..

I have a passion for photography. I'm obsessed with capturing stunning images. I've had some prior experience getting pictures published locally along with journalism stories, and since then something changed;

I began viewing photography as a legitimate business..

It wasn't until December of 2022 that it was actually declared a Business: and so emerged My Good Side Media. Although this wouldn't guarantee it's success, it certainly gave me an outline of the type of operation I wanted to set up. It gave a centered and determined sense of focus. And so I keep trying to expand on the initial vision while being open to pivotal moments.

Being a photographer has been a rewarding experience creatively.

Financially it's becoming more steady, while remaining a daily hustle and grind.

A picturesque remodeled home in Redlands, California.
Remodeled home.

The house above was shot around sunset which allowed the natural light to preserve a picturesque view of this suburban single-family home in Redlands, California.

Real Estate Photography

I'm a digital photographer and editor. I try to go for a cinematic style while keeping true to what meets the eye in person. Like many photographers, I search everyday for the shots I can look back at in awe. My real estate photography goal is to lead viewers through a series of shots acting as a visual story of the layout of a property. I like to have shots almost bounce off of each other while meticulously placing each frame in a particular arrangement to bring out the best in a property.

Have a look below as this album continued to evolve over the week:

If you ever hop online with video content for your business and want to build upon your tech obsession and pursuit of the best gear consider these tools that helped me get started:

As a member of the Amazon associates program, my business earns a small commission on qualifying purchases when using links I provide. I honestly use and recommend any products included in posts.

Support local biz

If you're listings are in the Inland Empire please support my business and book a shoot below. If you're happy with the end result leave a review here:

Keep on hustling and closing deals. Keep on fighting the good fight and working in an industry that is constantly testing you.


Ethan Poulos


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