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How My Good Side Media Can Elevate Your Business

Hi all,

I'm Ethan Poulos a real estate photographer as well as a real estate agent in Southern California. As you may know the real estate market has been a volatile environment to navigate through as a realtor in the last few years. There is also this stigma regarding agents doing their own photography as if they are incapable of creating beautiful images and also writing up contracts and all the other tasks that come along with helping others buy and sell.

I don't subscribe to that limiting belief.

I believe in Realtors® working together to close more deals.

Let's work together

I believe good agents have a solid foundation when it comes to marketing and having an interest in photography has been a passion of mine for a long time, so when I got started in real estate I made a pivotal change to my photography business and landed more clients than before and hope to continue to grow this brand and service. If marketing isn't one of your strengths let's work together to make your lisitngs stand out!

Real Estate Photography

If you're ready to work together please book a shoot here or send me a message and get the conversation going!

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