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Elevated Marketing: Drone Photography

An aerial view of a neighborhood in Grand Terrace, California
An aerial view of a neighborhood in Grand Terrace, California

A picture of a home from an aerial view.
An aerial view of a home for sale in Victorville, California.

In today's competitive real estate market drone photography is a must to stand out and keep up with the latest real estate photography trends which will only continue to grow in popularity and demand.

Drone photography and video can create a professional reputation along the way for you as an agent while you work with sellers and look back on closings.

And even the homes that aren't the most beautiful sights to see can still benefit from drone photography and it doesn't have to cost a ridiculous price.


If you're in the market for real estate photography: book today through the website for $200.

Included in this package is 30 HDR blended photos of the inside and outside as well as 10-15 aerial images that help to showcase the property and neighborhood.


I hope all is well with you in business and life in general.

Check out My Good Side Media's photography page to view properties currently on the market or book a shoot below.


Talk with you soon!


Ethan Poulos


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