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Capturing a moment

Updated: Sep 22

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Fall is my favorite time of the year. I find it's a great time for portraits in Southern California. Been looking back at the past--on moments I've captured along the way. It's amazing how photography can capture a time and then feel so far away.

Time is like a river constantly flowing. Life is always progressing forward. Here is a look back at some moments that I've photographed and people I've met along the way who have shown support over something I enjoyed.

Thank you for supporting my passion for photography.

-Ethan Poulos

When I first started dabbling around with black and white photography and colors. Taking inspiration from music albums. All images are shot on canon and edited in Lightroom.


Taken in an alleyway of downtown Redlands

A portrait of my sister. Very fun time and the album came out great.


A graduation showcasing the college the subject attended. It was fun finding different backgrounds at the campus and capturing a special moment. I'd love to do more shoots like this now at the University of Redlands. It's a beautiful campus local to me with multiple backdrops that showcase not just the school, but the entire town.


Taken in Downtown Redlands. A grandpa and grandson. I worked with Juan at a restaurant in San Bernardino, CA. He worked as a main cook and I expedited. We worked together very well and had fun in between the chaos of the kitchen. I am proud to have captured images of him and his grandson.


Taken at Moore Middle School. A friend from middle school.


Taken at prospect park in Redlands CA.

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To be a photographer, you'll need to use your mind above all else when framing images.

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